There will always be new terrain to explore as long as there are artists willing to take risks, who tell their stories without compromise. And Sundance will be here—to provide a range of support and a creative community in which a new idea or distinctive view is championed.” —Robert Redford

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an indie fan, enjoy awesome new perks while supporting the independent artists whose stories inform and transform our culture. Explore the benefit packages below and join our community today. For more information, contact the Membership Desk at (310) 492-2301 or email

New Membership Levels and Benefits

Sundance Movie Club

Love your book club? Now you can join a movie club!

Each month, the Sundance Movie Club selects two to four films from past Sundance Film Festivals or Labs and provides you with unique insight into how they became Sundance-laureled films—including curated articles and videos as well as a set of questions to think about while watching the films. Invite your friends over to watch with you, and start your own dialog around the films that shape our cultural perspectives.

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